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United in our efforts to open a new page in our history.
The NEXT SEKISUI HOUSE vision – the next stage for a new age.

Yoshihiro Nakai
Representative Director
President & Executive Officer, CEO

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Global vision

Maximizing the contentment of our customers, employees, and communities

Forecasting the future has become a difficult undertaking, as climate change, technological innovation, and demographic changes are significantly transforming the economic environment in which we operate. In order to ensure steady progress toward 2050, the target year of our long-term vision, the Sekisui House Group has formulated a 30-year vision we call “NEXT SEKISUI HOUSE.” With our global commitment to making home the happiest place in the world, we are implementing initiatives to maximize the contentment of our customers, employees, and communities as a global enterprise offering integrated and housingcentered tangible and intangible products and services.

Sekisui House Global Vision

Make home the happiest place
in the world

We aim to become a global company that integrates tangible and intangible products and services with a focus on housing.

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Global solutions

Step up overseas expansion centered on our three growth strategies and promote further business localization.

Sekisui House will use the superior quality and advanced technologies it has cultivated in Japan to provide new value in housing markets overseas. We expect needs for safety, security, comfort and environmental friendliness to increase overseas as well as in Japan. We have already commercialized some of our technologies and expertise to help resolve social issues around the world: our environmental technologies including net zero energy housing (ZEH) that helps to achieve a decarbonized society while providing customer comfort, and our advanced community-building expertise, a feature of which is the Gohon no ki project that embraces the surrounding ecosystem.

We currently do business in five countries other than Japan—the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore and China—where we anticipate ongoing, steady growth in housing demand. As an initiative to realize our long-term vision, we will strengthen our three domestic business models (built-to-order, supplied housing and development) in each of these countries. To date, we have mainly focused on development, but we will evolve the overseas business by also stepping up the rollout of our growth strategies for built-to-order businesses (homebuilding, rental housing contracting and others) and supplied housing businesses (property management, rental housing management and others) in harmony with our area strategies for each country. As an essential measure for expanding our diverse businesses globally, we will promote greater localization with a focus on prioritizing relationships of trust with outstanding local partners and cultivating capable local human resources who understand Sekisui House’s philosophy and vision. We will extend the Sekisui House brand worldwide by harmonizing our housebuilding expertise with the ideal housing for each country.