Top message United in our efforts to open a new page in our history.
The NEXT SEKISUI HOUSE vision – the next stage for a new age. Yoshihiro Nakai
Representative Director
President & Executive Officer, CEO

Since our founding in 1960, Sekisui House has continued to grow steadily while expanding the many ways our housing business interacts with wider society.
Over the decades, the whole group has continued to work hard to fulfill our responsibilities, while adhering to the fundamental corporate philosophy of “love of humanity” that guides us towards our ideal vision.
During our 60-year history, Sekisui House has gone through two phases of development.
In the first phase we focused on safety, security and the core performance of our houses, and in the second phase we pursued both greater comfort and environmental performance by introducing new housing technologies, such as our net-zero energy Green First ZERO range of homes, as well as our Airkis healthy indoor air system.

And now, we are entering the third phase where we will contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of people in the era of the 100-year lifespan, with the global vision to make home the happiest place in the world.
Under this vision, we will promote the Platform House Concept, a new project to make home a platform for happiness focusing on health, connectedness and learning, and contribute to a healthy, long-lived society by offering innovative housing services, including HED-Net, the world’s first in-home early illness detection network.

In this way, we will focus on beneficial innovations that help solve global social problems.
We will also accelerate alliances and collaboration with partners from a variety of different fields, and incorporate a diverse range of ideas into our efforts to develop solutions to social issues.
Heading towards the new stage in the new era under the NEXT SEKISUI HOUSE vision, the Sekisui House Group will unite in efforts to open a new page in our history and live up to your expectations.