Yuqin City

[Shenyang Hunnan, China]


  • 2013 Chosen as a Model Organization for Implementation of Construction Safety Standards
  • 2014 Certified Demonstration Project of Green Buildings in Shenyang
Large-scale development of townhouses and condominiums that creates a comfortable, secure, safe and healthy living environment, with the pleasant green landscape of Mozishan Park as its backdrop
  • Property information
  • Site area : 120,205m²
  • Total number of housing units : 767 units (Townhouses: 64 units, Condominiums: 703 units)


Valuable location

The development site is the Hunnan new district, a new urban center of Shenyang City. The townhouses and condominiums are located in an area with low population density adjacent to Mozishan Park, which is full of greenery amid an urban setting.

Landscape that grows increasingly attractive over time

The landscape is an embodiment of the aspirations of Sekisui House - to create landscapes that grow more attractive over time and promote landscaping and gardening in a manner that supports local ecosystems under the "Gohon no ki" landscaping concept.

External design

The middle- and low-rise condominiums have urbane and modern external appearances with their whitish walls contrasting beautifully against the blue sky and green trees. The 18 buildings of varied heights are laid out rhythmically, producing different impressions when seen from different angles.

Advanced housing functions

Detailed planning and universal design make each housing unit highly useful and functional.
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